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MNI- Reigning Queen Ali-Mai Biography

                                                   ? Miss Nations International 2024 – Queen of Elegance and Grace ?
Embarking on a journey adorned with poise and purpose, Ali-Mai Joseph has been crowned as the radiant Miss Nations International 2024, captivating hearts and minds as the epitome of beauty and intellect. Hailing from the enchanting shores of the Caribbean, this Queen proudly represents the cultural richness of Saint Lucian heritage in the Diaspora and beyond.
?‍? Intellect and Ambition ?‍?
Beyond her stunning beauty, Ali-Mai stands tall as a beacon of intelligence and ambition. A proud advocate for education, motivation and inspiring the next generation. Ali-Mai speaks 3 Languages (English, Spanish & French Creole) and is currently learning BSL (British Sign Language) so that she can use her platform to inspire a global audience without language being a barrier. Her talent in public speaking, leadership and spoken word was also recognized by music artist & activist ‘Akala’ and she was thereafter recruited as a member of his spoken word collective: Hip Hop Shakespeare. She has recently been the host for events with the Commonwealth sec, House of Commons and The Mayor of London’s community campaign.
? Global Ambassador for Unity ?
In the global arena, Ali-Mai serves as an ambassador for unity and cultural appreciation. Her reign as Miss International 2024 is not merely a crown but a platform to foster understanding and goodwill among nations. With her captivating presence, she aims to break down barriers and build bridges that connect hearts across the world. Her excellent communication & leadership skills lead her to be recruited as a young Ambassador for ‘The Princes Trust’ and ‘Youth Employment UK’. She has received award recognition for her strengths in communication & leadership, from ‘The Royal Bank of Scotland’ and ‘Team London”. From this, she was then honoured to be an Ambassador for the Mayor of London speaking at important events and representing as a positive role model.
? A Voice for the Voiceless ?
Passionate about philanthropy, Ali-Mai utilizes her newfound prominence to champion causes close to her heart. Whether advocating for women’s rights, promoting education, or supporting environmental initiatives, she is a compassionate voice for the voiceless, using her influence to make a positive impact. Ali-Mai’s chosen support is for Autism, because she wants to use her platform to educate, empower & encourage others to contribute towards a world more inclusive to those with physical/learning disabilities. She acknowledges that there is a lack of accessibility and support amongst the autistic community to be able to get the support they need due to funding. In aid of this, she has inspiringly completed her Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications in Autism Awareness and participated in a running/walking “100 miles in 10 days” for The National Autistic Society charitable challenge in which she received a medal award for. As someone who is known to be the glue between bringing people together, she wishes to set up her own creative hub for those with autism both in the UK and Saint Lucia that contributes towards shaping future leaders from disadvantaged backgrounds. She firmly stands by her belief that, “No one should be left out because they are different”.
? A Reign of Inspiration ?
She states: “I stand here not just as a proud representative of Saint Lucia but as a proud daughter of the Caribbean’s vibrant past, present and future. This crown symbolizes more than personal triumph; it’s a tribute to the collective support and belief of my beloved friends and family. Their unwavering encouragement has been significant in fuelling my determination towards this moment. I carry their hopes, dreams, and the essence of the Caribbean’s beauty with me on this global stage.
My journey to this crown has been a testament to the richness of my Caribbean heritage—a heritage that pulses through my veins, shaping every step I take and every word I speak is inspired by the moral and traditional teaching of my elders. It’s a heritage of resilience, of unity in cultural diversity, and an unwavering determination that defines our people”.
As the reigning Miss International 2024, Ali-Mai invites the world to join her on a journey of inspiration and empowerment. Through her radiant spirit, unwavering determination, and commitment to making a difference, she leaves an indelible mark on the global stage. Draped in elegance and sophistication, Ali-Mai effortlessly blends style with substance. Her regal presence, both on and off the stage, reflects a grace that resonates with audiences worldwide.
May Ali-Mai’s reign as Miss International 2024 continue to illuminate the path towards a world united in cultural diversity, compassion, and shared aspirations. She is not just a Queen; she is a beacon of hope and a testament to the beauty that radiates within diversity.

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