Welcome to Miss Nations International Pageant UK, as a national representative, you will carry your national title for a year that is destined to be one of the most exciting times of your life. You will also have the opportunity to work and support different charity of your choice.

The winners of the each year will be receiving a prizes, award or gifts from the management or our sponsors depending on availability, as well becoming a spokesperson for the empowerment of young women and men around the world! Winning is only the beginning! A year of amazing adventures awaits the next Miss/Mrs. /Ms Elite Nations international.
Will it be you?

Our Team is working very hard to make sure every year the event is one of the most exciting, captivating, and entertaining experiences of your year. We are making sure all of our delegates have the time of their lives whether or not they walk away with the crown. There are plenty of surprises in store and we can’t wait to see you on the journey.


Please read TERMS AND CONDITIONS thoroughly and carefully. Pay close attention to the details. Any question do not hesitate to contact us by email [email protected]

We are very excited about this year’s pageant and can’t wait to meet you! Enjoy your reign and get ready for the time of your life!

Delegates will be required to sign a contract which will govern their behaviour and conduct before during and after the pageant.

Having signed the entry form and qualified for the final, Delgatess are reminded that they have signed a contract and that to break it is a serious matter.

Delegate must not be pregnant at the time of Application.
Eligibility, Age 17- 49, Miss/Mrs, Single/Married/Divorced, & 50-65, Miss/Mrs/Elite, Single/married/Divorced.

Delegate joining fee is £200, this will cover (registration, sash, number, administrative work, and other items for the preparation of the Grand Finale)

To Join the Fashion Show is Optional and fee is £40.if you are interested.

Crowned queen agree to carry out your duties which include attending events and charity work when required. Failure to do so may result in you being stripped off your title which will then go to the 1st runner up if suitable. You will forfeit any prizes not yet received.

If you win the Miss Nations International, (Top Winner) you will return your crown after your reign or pay £200 to keep it. The sash will be yours for keeps.

All crowned queens Title holders of any other Pageant agrees to give up their crown or agree miss Nations International will always take 1st priority over the other title. Miss Nations International may strip the title holder off their position if it is not given 1st priority.

Management has the right to excuse any contestant up until the day of the pageant if it deems it necessary that such a decision is in the best interest of either the contestant, other contestants, or the pageant.

Miss Nations International is a brand and copyright. No person, nor organisation, may use the title, without the permission of Miss Nations international Limited.

We cannot guarantee the return of any materials sent to us as part of an application.

Delegates may compete more than once but a maximum of three times.

In the event of any dispute over the execution, rules or results of the contest, the decision of the adjudicator or judges is final. Miss Nations International indemnifies itself from and can not be held responsible for any decisions made by the judging panel.

Delegates must not partake in activities that are seen as malicious or defamatory to other contestants and the Miss Nations International Organisation. Such behaviour may result in legal action being taken against such contestants.

The Organizer reserves the right to substitute, add to or alter any item on the list of prizes offered before the Finals of the Contest.

All prizes won by the Contestant during the Contest shall not be transferable or exchangeable for cash.

You must conduct yourself properly at all time during participation and eventual reign.
To cooperate, obey and comply at all times with the rules and regulations of the pageant.

Attend the Organizer’s official functions at all times during the period of the competition.
Not accept private engagements during the period of their contest.

Allow and permit the organizer to use or take her photographs for purposes of publicity and promotions.
Appear on television, radio, film, or print media for the publicity/promotion requirements of the competition.

Photos must be submitted with 2 high resolution photos (Headshot & Full body).

Contestant must never been involved in any prostitutes.
Contestant acknowledge awareness that principal purpose of the pageant is to promote the quality-of-life improvement.

Contestant’s Aim.

Contestants accept that they are admitted into the pageant in the good faith that their principal aim is to undertake responsibility as vehicle for the promotion of the pageant’s principal purpose which is promotion of community quality of life improvement and delivering the community benefits of the pageant.

PARENTAL SUPPORT: Parents of the Teen/Little princess are advise to give full support and non-interference with the performance of stated roles.

Involvement with the media: Queens will notify the management of any intended involvement with the media and receive necessary advice and guidance on advance and will send reports of the associated results and developments.

CONDUCT:  Queens will be of good character, act honourably and respectably, exhibit good image of the organization.

ATTENDANCE OF APPOINTMENTS: Queen will attend all prearranged appointment and in respect of any performance of their stated roles. Inevitable no attendance due to unavoidable circumstances must be established by early notice in advance.

COMMITMENT: Queens will honour all pageant commitments to the best of their abilities. These include but are not limited to requested appearances and crowning their immediate successors, as well other duties which the pageant may add to the list of commitments at any time as they think fit.

Crowned queens will become the representative and an ambassador in addition to their respective roles.

Queens are required to carry out personal appearance at charitable events organized by other organizations.

Set up personal charity fund raising, raise money to support children with Cancers and other illnesses.
Organize a charitable event to raise money for any registered and reputable charitable organization or project and set up any charitable community project anywhere in the local or around their country.

Appear on the TV whenever it can be arranged and speaking on the Varity of community issues.

Promote safe sex and motherhood responsibilities among younger mothers.
Promote charity for breast and ovarian cancer, homelessness, disability and prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS, etc.

Participate in programme for cultural awareness promotion at home and abroad.
Promote their national cultures and tourism world peace, global attention to humanitarian, environmental causes and work.
Help women to advance their education, careers, personal goals and improve their lives.

INTERVIEW: knowledge, intelligence. eloquence, poise, Charisma, sophistication.

1) Originality, individuality and general comportment

2) Presentation, performance, entertainment, creativity and artistic talents.

3) Relevance to native culture and cultural awareness.

4) Enthusiasm, mental discipline, connection to the audience and stage presence and awareness.

AWARDS and PRIZES:  These are always subject to the availability of resources and sponsorship.

JUDGING: Contestants must co-operate with the judging process. The decision of the judges shall be final. The panel of the judges will focus on the criteria (Poise, intelligence, self-confidence, ability to communicate opinions clearly, answered the questions correctly and overall beauty and charm) To be an ambassador to represent the pageant and nation.
A role model to others.

DISQUALIFICATIONS: Queens may be disqualified for any infringement of these terms and if found to have given false information in the contest entry application process.
Fees paid by contestants or by their sponsors are non-refundable.

THIRD PARTY LIABILITY: The organisers accept no responsibility for any third party’s liabilities or loss that may arise from the postponement or cancellation of a contest.


Terms and Conditions are subject to change or review at any time.